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The average stay in a sober living home is 90 days, but arrangements can be made for a longer stay. In a sober living environment, professionals are available to help you navigate major changes in your new life. They can also help you determine what length Selecting the Most Suitable Sober House for Addiction Recovery of stay is the right one for you. Our sober living homes also provide counseling and group meetings to help support our residents in their quest to maintain sobriety. There are also other guidelines, such as keeping things clean and being home by curfew.

  • The sense of community provided by a sober living home alleviates this feeling.
  • Failure to maintain the house rules can result in punishments ranging from paying a fine to expulsion from the house.
  • Over the years, sober living houses have evolved to meet the needs of those in recovery.
  • The alcohol is just removed at the end, keeping you buzz-free and well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Generally, when a person’s home life environment is not conducive to continued recovery, a sober living home is the best option.
  • Frequent and prolonged substance abuse can slowly dismantle an individual’s life and the hopes they have for their future.

It’s about identifying triggers for alcohol use, like stress, sadness, or boredom, and coming up with coping skills or alternatives to drinking when faced with those triggers. If you’ve cut out other substances along the way, you may prefer describing your journey as living “clean” rather than just sober. If you are interested in exploring sober living in California, see if you can find what you’re looking for with the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Gratitude Lodge in Southern California. If you or a loved one have any questions about addiction aftercare, we’re available to assist you with any questions and provide support through this process. Going straight back home after completing treatment may immediately bring back old habits or put you in a place that isn’t conducive to staying sober.

Understand Why Having Purpose Can Matter So Much in Sobriety

It was noteworthy that a wide variety of individuals in both programs had positive outcomes. There were no significant differences within either program on outcomes among demographic subgroups or different referral sources. In addition, it is important to note that residents were able to maintain improvements even after they left the SLHs.

what is the meaning of sober living?

But when considering some of the services offered, make sure they’re services that help support your sobriety. Part of living in recovery is “showing up for life,” meaning doing things for yourself that make you a successful, contributing member of society. When in active addiction, we tend to ignore the things that make us successful.

What Happens if You Walk Away From a Halfway House?

That’s why we’re here to give you some important information about one of your options. So, if you’ve ever wondered what a substance abuse halfway house was, or asked yourself, “How do sober living homes work? The benefits of sober living homes over halfway houses depend on an individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

what is the meaning of sober living?

In addition to studying a larger number of offenders, we hope to explore an innovative intervention designed to improve outcomes for these residents in terms of employment, arrests, and other areas. Our intervention modifies motivational interviewing to address the specific needs of the offender population (Polcin, 2006b). Specifically, it helps residents resolve their mixed feelings (i.e., ambivalence) about living in the SLH and engaging in other community based services. Thus, the intervention is a way to help them prepare for the challenges and recognize the potential benefits of new activities and experiences.

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