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Even if you are not struggling with depression, anxiety, or another serious mental health issue, it doesn’t hurt to evaluate your own thoughts every now and then. The sooner you catch a cognitive distortion and mount a defense against it, the less likely it is to make a negative impact on your life. These distortions in our thinking are often subtle, and it is challenging to recognize them when they are a regular feature of our day-to-day thoughts.

When a person posts a picture they may receive positive social feedback, which stimulates the brain to release dopamine, rewarding that behavior and perpetuating the social media habit. Most people can manage their symptoms and lead full lives with the proper treatment and access to support. Chronic stress and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety may develop due to underlying physical health problems, such as cancer, diabetes, and chronic pain. The NIDA also cites the results of recent brain imaging studies, which prove addiction causes visible, physical changes in the brain.

Causes of Alcohol Withdrawal

Substance abuse recovery often begins with a belief that there’s life beyond the disease of addiction. Our perception and self-control is often built around the words we use to define aspirations, goals, emotions, and even events that may not feel so uplifting. Positive affirmations, or positive recovery words, can be a helpful tool to reflect on our deepest desires.

  • These two psychologists literally wrote the book(s) on depression, cognitive distortions, and the treatment of these problems.
  • It is characterized by compulsive and uncontrollable drug cravings.
  • Substances — such as alcohol, stimulants and opioids — affect your brain, including your decision-making ability.
  • There could be thousands of phobias, and what may seem unusual to one person can be a severe problem that dominates daily life for another.
  • Once you have articulated the issue that is worrying you, you can move on to thinking about how this issue will turn out.

Recurrence can happen even years after you last took the substance. Substances affect your brain, especially the reward center of your brain. Over 20 million people in the United States have at least one SUD. Substance use disorder affects people of all ages, races, genders and socioeconomic levels. Substance use disorder can significantly impact your health, relationships and overall quality of life.

Positive Recovery Words: Helping You Be Your Best Self

This is where the real work happens, where you identify the distortions that are cropping up and challenge them. A man who thinks “If I just encourage my wife to stop doing the things that irritate me, I can be a better husband and a happier person” is exhibiting the fallacy of change. As the name implies, this distortion involves taking everything personally or assigning blame to yourself without any logical reason to believe you are to blame.

positive word for addiction

Stress, depression, and anxiety can all affect mental health and disrupt a person’s routine. Hopefully, this piece has given you a good understanding of cognitive distortions. These sneaky, inaccurate patterns of thinking and believing are common, but their potential impact should not be underestimated. Before you continue, we thought you might like to download our three Positive CBT Exercises for free. These science-based exercises will provide you with a detailed insight into Positive CBT and will give you additional tools to address cognitive distortions in your therapy or coaching.

Words Matter: Preferred Language for Talking About Addiction

Next, you fill out “The Defense” box with evidence that corroborates or supports the thought. Once you have listed all of the defense’s evidence, do the same for “The Prosecution” box. Write down all of the evidence calling the thought into question or instilling doubt in its accuracy.

What does God say about addiction?

1 Corinthians 10:13

This verse has to do with temptations, which can certainly include addiction. The key point that addicts and loved ones of addicts should take from this verse is the last sentence: “But when you are tempted, He [God] will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

These two psychologists literally wrote the book(s) on depression, cognitive distortions, and the treatment of these problems. It can be scary to admit that you may fall prey to distorted thinking. You might be thinking, “There’s no way I am holding on to any blatantly false beliefs! ” While most people don’t suffer in their daily lives from these kinds of cognitive distortions, it seems that no one can completely escape these distortions. Many people choose to try drugs in a social setting, such as experimenting with friends.

Glasser’s criteria provide a good way to distinguish healthy and pleasant activities from ones that are not. It provides people a way to assess the activities that contribute to a healthy and happy life and jettison those that do not. If you know someone battling addiction, sharing positive affirmations could serve as an important tool in their recovery.

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