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When it involves superstar relationships, one title that has been making headlines is Lori Harvey. Daughter of famous comedian Steve Harvey, Lori Harvey has gained quite a following of her own Like it because of her gorgeous looks and her high-profile romances. But who is Lori Harvey dating? In this text, we will dive into the dating life of Lori Harvey and explore her relationships with a few of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

The Early Years and Past Relationships

Before we dig into Lori Harvey’s present relationship life, let’s take a look at her previous relationships. Lori Harvey has been linked to several notable figures in the entertainment business, together with singer Trey Songz and rapper Future. However, it wasn’t till her relationship with Dutch skilled soccer player Memphis Depay that Lori truly captured the public’s consideration.

A Tale of Two Famous Men

After her split from Memphis Depay, Lori Harvey discovered herself in an on-again, off-again relationship with rapper Future. The couple’s relationship was stuffed with ups and downs, with both events making headlines for their tumultuous romance. But it appears that evidently Lori has moved on from Future and is now dating one other famous man.

Enter Michael B. Jordan

Since early 2021, the media has been buzzing about Lori Harvey’s relationship with actor Michael B. Jordan. The couple made their relationship Instagram official, solidifying their standing as considered one of Hollywood’s hottest energy couples. But what’s it about Michael B. Jordan that has captured Lori Harvey’s heart?

The Power Couple

Michael B. Jordan, recognized for his roles in films like Black Panther and Creed, has been applauded for his talent, attractiveness, and general charisma. He has turn out to be a heartthrob for so much of, and it is no shock that Lori Harvey can be drawn to him. The couple has been seen collectively at various occasions and on vacation, sparking envy and admiration from followers around the world.

The Metaphor of Robin Hood

To perceive Lori Harvey’s relationship choices, we can use a metaphor of Robin Hood. Just as Robin Hood steals from the rich to offer to the poor, Lori Harvey appears to have a penchant for courting high-profile men and stealing their hearts. But unlike Robin Hood, Lori isn’t essentially giving to the poor; as a substitute, she is capturing the eye of the public and cementing her standing as a sought-after celebrity.

Table: Lori Harvey’s Dating History

Partner Relationship Status
Trey Songz Rumored Ex
Future On-again, off-again
Memphis Depay Ex
Michael B. Jordan Current

What Lori Harvey’s Dating Choices Say About Her

Lori Harvey’s relationship selections counsel that she is attracted to successful and influential males. By dating high-profile celebrities, she can set up herself as a distinguished determine in the entertainment trade. But it’s not nearly fame and a focus; it’s also about discovering someone with whom she will join and construct a significant relationship.

Beyond the Headlines

While Lori Harvey’s relationship life typically makes headlines, it is essential to remember that there is more to her than just her relationships. She is a successful model and entrepreneur who has built a name for herself through hard work and dedication. Lori Harvey is an inspiration to many younger girls who aspire to achieve their dreams.


In conclusion, Lori Harvey’s courting life has been a subject of much hypothesis and curiosity. From her previous relationships with Trey Songz and Future to her present relationship with Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey has shown a choice for high-profile companions. However, it’s important to do not neglect that her courting life is simply one aspect of who she is as a person. Lori Harvey is a gifted and completed particular person in her personal right, and her relationships mustn’t overshadow her personal achievements.


1. Is Lori Harvey relationship Michael B. Jordan?

Yes, Lori Harvey is courting Michael B. Jordan. The couple made their relationship public on January 10, 2021, once they both posted footage collectively on their Instagram accounts. They have been spotted together on varied occasions and have made appearances on one another’s social media, confirming that they are indeed in a relationship.

2. Who did Lori Harvey date earlier than Michael B. Jordan?

Before relationship Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey was in a relationship with professional rapper Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, broadly known as Future. They were first linked together in late 2019 and went public with their relationship in January 2020. However, they later broke up in August 2020 amidst rumors of infidelity on Future’s part.

3. Has Lori Harvey dated anybody else within the entertainment industry?

Yes, Lori Harvey has been romantically linked to a quantity of high-profile celebrities in the past. Prior to her relationship with Future, she had temporary relationships with Arsenal soccer player Memphis Depay and Sean "Diddy" Combs, a famend rapper and entrepreneur. These relationships generated vital media consideration as a result of public nature of their interactions.

4. How lengthy have Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan been together?

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan have been collectively since late 2020. While the exact timeline of their relationship stays non-public, they made their relationship public in January 2021, indicating that they’d been dating for a couple of months at that time. Since then, they have been seen together at varied occasions, showcasing their happiness as a pair.

5. Are Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan planning to get married?

As of now, there is no official information or confirmation concerning Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s plans for marriage. However, it is essential to notice that they are in a relatively new relationship, and any choices relating to their future collectively are private matters. Only time will tell if they’ll take their relationship to the next stage and decide to get married.